JAT Curriculum Vitae JULIE A TAYLOR

B.Pharm., AACPA, B.Fine Arts, Dip. Art & Design

Drawing has been part of my life since childhood.

Becoming a Pharmacist interrupted my artistic intentions for many years until I left full-time work to study art. A part-time pattern as an artist has persisted and I just love thinking about ways to say things with pictures in my illustration work.

Regular sessions at Life Drawing keeps my eye in practice for drawing people.

Visit  juliejat.com  to see some of my work as an artist

JAT illustrational is the business name adopted by

Julie Taylor,                                                                        

Also known as:   Julie A Taylor   or   Julie jat Taylor 


Watch This Space artist-run-initiative

Central Australian Art Society

The Alice Prize - Alice Springs Art Foundaton

Julie A Taylor CV, Work Experience