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Pictures for health education - create powerful messages


It is SO much easier and SAVES TIME when your illustrator already understands health issues, anatomy, medication education, cultural differences.

My experience as a clinical pharmacist, counselling patients in hospitals, Home Medication Reviews and Indigenous health clinics gives me the insight needed to come up with visual ideas that will get the message across.

My library of drawings developed over the past 8 years may provide an easy start for adapting to your requirements.


Julie Taylor - work experience

artist and pharmacist, health counselling, indigenous health education, visual communication,

Publications that will get your message across


Images designed or adapted to suit target groups such as: the elderly, aboriginal health workers, migrants learning english,  indigenous people in remote locations, those with poor reading skills . . .

Some clients of JAT Illustrational:

visual communication, visual ideas for messages, visual thinking, computer drawings

Drawings "Taylor-made" to present distinctive appeal & clarity


Drawings about anything!

Discuss your needs, your style preferences, your budget.

Maybe you have the ideas and I can make the drawings. Or think about the message you wish to communicate and I can help you with some ideas.

My illustrations are drawn using a pen tablet and computer. This means adjustments and changes are easier. 

I enjoy thinking visually - without words.


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